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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Assorted Thoughts

A lot of bloggers like to expound upon things political. Some of them have actually become semi-famous for their internet ramblings. I have no such aspirations. I don't know that I possess the qualities it takes to become such an astute observer of the American Political Machine. Even if I did, I don't think I care enough to spend large amounts of time sharing my thoughts and feelings with others.

I see nothing wrong with Christians being involved in politics, no matter what side of the fence they sit. I tend to be liberal in many social and economic areas and conservative in others. I don't know that a Christian can be 100% comfortable on either side. I have long believed that both of the major parties are corrupt beyond reformation. I can't claim either of them as my own. I remind myself that I am a visitor to this planet and that the outcomes of elections and scandals really have no effect on my eternal state. I see things that annoy me and I occasionally complain, but I know that my citizenship lies somewhere far beyond Washington D.C. or Iraq. Boycotting Disney and picketing abortion clinics are not things that I will find myself signing up for, although I have strong feelings concerning both.

Perhaps I'll grow comfortable enough to ramble on about my opinions of George Bush or Hillary Clinton. Maybe I'll lower my guard and tell you all who I voted for in every election since 1988 and why. I don't think those things really matter though. I'd rather talk about how my children have helped me understand agape love. I'd rather sing the praises of the woman who let me be her husband. I'd rather share my frustration as I struggle to familiarize myself with New Testament Greek.

I imagine there will be much talk about Atari 2600 games and pop music from the 1980s. I envision friendly theological discussions with occasional detours into pipe-smoking etiquette. My God, my family, my music, and my MANY vices will most assuredly command the most attention. I do hope you come along with me and that the ride will be an enjoyable one.


Blogger Benj said...

Yeah, I just can't find myself getting passionate about politics enough to write about them in a blog. On on the ride with you.

11:42 PM  

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