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Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday At Last

I was asked where I went to school and I've decided to answer.

I'm a rising Junior at Roanoke Bible College. It's a small (about 225 students) school supported by the independent Churches of Christ. I came here once in 1994 (at the ripe old age of 24) but left after one year. I had some issues with myself and with the school at that time and I didn't handle them in the most mature way. Here I am 12 years later finishing up something that has been LONG overdue. Fortunately, God is merciful and forgiving.

I'm still waiting to see what I got on my Biblical Doctrines exam. I've heard rumors flying around that the grades weren't very good. That wouldn't surprise me. To all you college folks out there, have you ever had a professor that was a WONDERFUL person outside of class but just seemed to not cut it in the classroom? That's kind of the way this class was. The professor is a super nice guy and is VERY smart but I don't think he did a very good job in this one. His doctorate work is in archaeology (did I spell that correctly?) and I imagine that his history and archaeology classes would rock, but he wasn't the greatest choice to be teaching systematic theology. But that's just my opinion. I had him for Life & Teachings of Christ as well and he did a little better in there, but I was frustrated taking this Doctrines class with him. He went off on too many tangents that were totally unrelated to the topic and there were several times when we didn't finish the notes before the quiz times. I know...I know...we're college students and we should be able to hang. I don't know...he just seemed a little unorganized in this class. I kind of feel bad even saying all this because he is a GREAT guy and I like him a lot. I sure don't want to take very many more classes with him though.

I'm contemplating taking Greek I next semester. I found out that I'm getting TWICE as much money from my home church this year and I won't have to cut back on hours. I'm registered for 15 right now and Greek would make it 18. I really want to get in 4 semesters of Greek and at least 2 of Hebrew before I graduate. Of course, my wife is coming back to school next semester so we'll probably be here at least one year after I graduate so she can finish up. That would give me time to squeeze some language classes in. We'll see how it goes.

Graduation is tomorrow. Good luck to all of you finishing up. I will get there eventually. I have to remind myself that my Mom was 40 before she ever went back to school so it's never too late to finish. I did want to make it before my 20 year class reunion but if I don't....oh well.


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