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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Where Am I Going With This?

Today was not much different than any other day I've had since school started. I got up, took a shower, ate breakfast, took my son to school, and then walked across the street to class. I went to chapel in between classes and I came home to my family. I can honestly say that I've learned some things in the first two weeks of school but I still wonder where this journey is leading me. I'm in Bible college and I'm supposedly learning how to do ministerial things but I sometimes wonder if I will ever end up in one of those positions. I hear people talk about callings and I wonder what a calling sounds or feels like. I have to write a paper next week explaining why I feel I've been called to the ministry. I honestly dont' know what I'm going to say. I can talk about why I feel it's important to spread the Gospel and I can share how I believe my past experiences have prepared me to do so. But...can I explain how I know I've been called? Can I even say that I have been. It should be an interesting exercise.


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