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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Happy Sunday

I'm kicking back, listening to some Jennifer Knapp. I wish she'd come back. Christian music desperately misses her voice.

I checked out some Barlow Girl. Not bad. My wife really liked them a lot.

Listened to some solo Kevin Max....who knew the guy was so good?

Steve Taylor is a genius and should write more songs.

I need another Rick Altizer album.

I've really made an attempt to listen to more Christian music lately. I haven't discussed this in here yet, but I really feel like I need the Christian lyrics these days. I'm also shedding some of my bias towards anything remotely CCM. Casting Crowns aren't that bad and I can deal with them. They do have decent lyrics as well. I've also given Pillar and Skillet a second listen. They are tolerable. Kutless is a little harder for me to swallow but I'm making myself listen to them. Day Of Fire aren't bad either. I've got some FFH and Avalon on my hard drive when I need to really mellow out.

I'm trying an experiment to see what happens in my head if I listen to mostly Christian music. I know this may sound silly to most of you, but I've really been struggling with some things and I think some of it may be related to some of the things I've been listening to lately. Let's just say that I've let my guard down and I believe the Devil has taken advantage of it. We'll see what happens.

We had a good day at church today. It was one of those days where I just felt like I was where I belong. It's nice to have those. Today after church, the Senior Saints ordered pizza and hung out with me and the family. It was a nice chance to just hang out with those who I don't interact with that much. We had a representative from the Christian camp at church today and he stayed and ate lunch with all of us. It was a really good time. Tonight we took all the kids out to Sonic and bought them ice cream. It was rainy, windy, and chilly but we still sat on the picnic tables and had a good time. I'm leading worship for the next three weeks while our primary leaders (husband & wife team) are out of town. I'm actually gonna play the piano and sing next week. I'll be doing my best Michael W. Smith impersonation.

We got the new carpet and chairs in the sanctuary. We also got a new 16 channel board and snake for the praise team. Things are getting upgraded left and right. It's good to see people working together instead of bickering over these kinds of things. It makes things so much nicer.It feels good to post an update and not gripe or fret about things I can't control. I hope you all are encouraged by the good news as much as I was today.


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