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Saturday, May 22, 2010

My New Project

I do not recall mentioning that I am a frustrated guitar player. I do not use the term guitarist because I believe that it would make people think that I can actually play. I know enough to play in church and to satisfy my personal musical that is good enough for me.

I do own a very nice acoustic/electric that was given to me by some college students from Indiana University. I was in Mississippi working as a church planter and they discovered that my Fender acoustic/electric has been destroyed. They went home and bought me a Taylor 414 that is much nicer than I deserve. I love playing it. It is/was my dream acoustic guitar.

I have a couple of cheap ($200) electric guitars at home. One is a Squier Telecaster that splits time between my son and I. The other is an Epiphone Coronet that looks great but will not stay in tune. I have never owned a high dollar electric guitar. The closest I came was an Epiphone Les Paul Custom but it was still well under $1000. The point is that I do not mind cheap guitars. With the exception of my Taylor...that is all I have ever owned. I have always wanted to pick up a cheap guitar as a project and fix it.

Well...yesterday I got my chance. A buddy of mine sold me a Korean made Mako Strat copy. He only wanted $20 for it so I literally could not pass it up. It is in pretty good shape so I am going to clean it up real good and change out the pick-up. The neck plays real well so I think it can be a good church guitar once I shower it with some TLC.

Forgive the was taken with my laptop's webcam.


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