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Saturday, May 15, 2010


I lived in Hancock County, Mississippi for nearly eight months while I helped start a new church. The little town I lived in is called Pearlington. You will see some of Pearlington in these videos. I did not take them but I appreciate the fact that someone recognized that Hurricane Katrina affected more than just New Orleans. I have friends down there. They are still struggling to move forward...even now. The second video was made by a church working with I.D.E.S. It was made about a year before my family and I moved down there. Ron Loomis is mentioned in it...he is the reason I moved down there. He is the real deal. You also see Adolph "Oogie" Harris and Claude Bello. They are good friends of mine. Here is a list of some things to look for in the second video.

1:44 - Base Camp (this is where we lived and held services)
2:04 - Ron Loomis
3:06 - Oogie's house being built
5:37 - Clara and Cookie (Claude's wife)
6:11 - Oogie telling his story
7:03 - Oogie and Claude


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