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Monday, June 27, 2005

Two Quick Items

You may recall that I was a bit harsh on Joel Osteen and his unwillingness to preach the Gospel on Larry King Live a few nights ago. I linked to the transcript and pointed out that Osteen didn't seem to be taking much of a stand for Christianity. seems as if others thought the very same thing. A friend of mine led me to THIS reply on Osteen's official website. In an effort to be completely fair, I'm posting it here so you all can get his side of the story. It sounds sincere to me and I hope that he truly means what he says.

The other thing I wanted to share was THIS article someone sent me. I won't go into too much detail because I think you all ought to give it a read. It's fairly long but I think it will be worth your time. The story behind the article is rather interesting. A secular magazine writer decided that he was going to go stake out a Christian rock festival and expose it for what it truly was. He starts off extremely sarcastic and negative but things take a really interesting turn once he rents a 25 foot RV and meets some extraordinary guys from West Virginia.

The article has some profanity and is obviously not written from the viewpoint of a professing believer. But the guy ends up sharing some really insightful observations in regards to both Christians and the Christian music industry. If you have a few minutes...give it a read.


Blogger Benj said...

Well, I guess looking on the bright side, he is not a universalist. But I still see a dangerous lack of Gospel being preached. Without the Gospel I don't care what theological no-no's he avoids.

I think I skimmed that Christian rock story a while back.

12:38 AM  

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