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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Monday Nothings

I realize that the date on this will say Tuesday but it's still Monday to me. I did absolutely nothing today outside of some minor cleaning.

I'm re-reading The God Makers. We have some LDS guys who are staying a couple of houses down from us. I want them to come over and chat but it's been a while since I seriously looked at any of their teachings. They've been real polite the few times I've spoken to them as they rode by.

I'm addicted to a stupid TV show. I've been watching 24 ever since it came on the scene five years ago but this season has been the most captivating one since the very first. Lots of plot twists and unreal situations....but that's why I love it. My only problem this year is that they've killed off way too many long time characters. That typically doesn't bode well for a TV show. We'll see if it comes back for one more.

I've been listening to a lot of old Christian music lately, due largely to my recent joining of Last FM. I kept seeing names like Steve Taylor pop up so I dug out a ton of things. Right now it is Steve Taylor but I just finished up a Randy Stonehill set. I had the DeGarmo & Key cranking the other day. That was interesting. Lots of Petra and Stryper have made the playlist, but that's just me.

Sin For A Season - Steve Taylor

There's a sweaty hand handling his cocktail napkin

"come on up and see me" is scribbled with a gold pen
"but you'd better ring twice"
seven months after his little indiscretion
he sits with his wife at a therapy session
for a little advice"if the healing happens as the time goes by
tell me why I still can't look her in the eye"

"God I'm only human, got no other reason..."sin for a season...

There's a shaky hand shaking with the hand of her hostess
drank a little much, but she'll drive herself home
if she can make it to her care
she never saw the sign or the boy with his daddy
driving home late from their very first ballgame
and they don't get far
now the years run together as her guilt goes wild
she still sees the body of an only child

"God I'm only human, got no other reason..."sin for a season...

Wealthy lips say "keep us from the Evil One"

while the praying hands with deliberate cunning
on the carcass of the cold
gonna get the Good Lord to forgive a little sin
get the slate cleaned so he can dirty it again
and no one else will ever know
but he reaps his harvest as his heart grows hard
no man's gonna make a mockery of God

"I'm only human, got no other reason..."sin for a season...

Three musical suggestions to anyone out there reading:

1- Fleming & John
2- Over The Rhine
3- Pedro The Lion

Do yourself a favor....find them....listen to a better person.


Blogger Barefoot Guy said...

I love Randy Stonehill! His music is incredible. What a passion for God!

I also love Keith Greens's music, I am a huge fan. I know they were friends too.

I am a musician and I would be honored if you would check out my music. All music on my site is free for downlad. Anyway, just thought that I'd share.

"All music on my site is free for download."

3:41 PM  

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