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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Morning Coming Down

I am sitting here in the fellowship hall skipping Sunday School. I do not typically do this but to be honest...I was uncomfortable (not because of the lesson) and needed to get up and get some air. I did not want to interrupt the class after it had begun so I just stayed here.

I am not the only one doing this. There are several people who sit here and do the same thing every week. I often wonder why they bother showing up at the building so early if they are just going to cut class. Perhaps they are showing up late and do not want to interrupt...I can definitely relate.

I made a comment on Facebook earlier this morning. I suggested that our Sunday morning "thing" does not really look like the church I see in the Bible. It does not look like the "movement" that Jesus started. I am not complaining...just observing. I am not offering any solutions either...I do not know that I have any.

I do know that I have been feeling more and more disconnected from the whole Sunday morning Christian thing that I have been doing my entire life. You can dress it down in jeans and rock the music up...but it still seems like the same tired thing. I have even been playing bass in our "contemporary" praise band...but it still do not know the word I am searching for. Dead...maybe.

I do not like it. I am trying to figure out where that leaves me.


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