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Sunday, August 21, 2005

I Need Some Sacrifice

I need to sacrifice every part of my life. I need to go to the altar and give all of it away. It doesn't matter that I may have the liberty to do those things, it doesn't matter if I have the right to do some of them....I've got to get rid of them. I can't let my freedom in Christ come between me and Him.

Why are we so determined to find the lines between black and white and right and wrong? It's like we deliberately dive into the gray areas and then use scripture to justify it. Why can't we be content to stay in the areas that we KNOW are right? Why do we have to push the envelope? Why?

It's so stupid. Think of all the things God could do through us if we'd just stop testing His boundaries. I want to get out of the gray....I really do.


Blogger Benj said...

You make me think of Paul in Romans 12 when he talks about the seemingly oxymoronic idea of being "living sacrifices."

2:38 AM  

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