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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Looking For The Right Words

Words are powerful things, aren't they? We can build things up with them and we can tear them back down with them as well. I have been one to choose my words very carefully for most of my life. Part of it is the writer that dwells inside, trying desperately to escape. He struggles to find the perfect words to say but usually he comes away feeling like a loser. The perfect metaphor or simile has eluded him again.

Sometimes he likes to fool around and write down any and everything that comes to mind. These things rarely see the light of day, with good reason. They are often mindless and silly but still the writer struggles to put them out as well.

I can remember when I was dating my wife all those years ago. The letters I wrote to her were worthy of prizes. The emotions often spilled from my pen to the page effortlessly. Where did that go? What happened to that poet? I guess the grocery lists just don't elicit romantic thoughts do they?

Words, they're funny things, especially to those of us that like to play with them. I thought that as I grew older the words would come more easily but it seems that my well has dried up. I fight with the keyboard and bash my brain, trying to get one more sentence to make sense. Words, sometimes I hate them. But....I can't seem to live without them.


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