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Saturday, May 30, 2009

What A Week

A little over a week ago I noticed a little place on my right calf that looked like an insect bite. The skin around it was red and swollen and my entire calf was sore. I assumed that I had been bitten by a spider while goofing around in the garage on Thursday. I took Benadryl and Naproxen and thought nothing of it.

Last Saturday it got worse. The redness spread down towards my ankle and the swelling extended around my leg. The "bite" expanded to the size of my pinkie nail and started to fester.

By Sunday morning the redness and infection had taken over my whole leg. The "bite" was now the size of a dime. I promptly got up and went to the Emergency Room. They cut it open and mashed it and did all sorts of things that made me feel just great. They gave me an antibiotic and some Tylenol with Codeine and told me to come back for a follow up on Monday.

The doctor came in Monday morning and immediately admitted me to the hospital. I had contracted a lovely little condition known as MRSA . They put an IV in my arm and dosed me up with some serious antibiotics. The ones they had given me on Sunday were basically useless...I might as well have eaten some PEZ.

During the course of the day it was also discovered that: 1) my blood sugar was high, 2) my blood pressure was high and 3) my good cholesterol count was out of whack. So...I hit the health care trifecta. I spent three days in the hospital and now have to take about 1400 pills every morning.

Yesterday afternoon I made the mistake of taking my meds on an empty stomach. If you are ever considering this...hear me out.

DON'T !!!!

I was about as sick as I have been since we all contracted salmonella in Elizabeth City...but that is another story and an altogether different (more evil) kind of sick. The bad thing was that I hadn't eaten so there was no food in my stomach. Think about it for a minute. Throwing up food is bad enough...but throwing up and yielding nothing but bile and stomach acid is on another level...a very bad level. Then there were the cramps that came along with being curled up on the bathroom floor in the fetal position. A very humbling end to an interesting week. week do I feel?

My leg is still sore. We have to redress and repack (yes, repack) the wound every day. These medicines are seriously making me nauseous...but I've been told that goes away once you get used to them. I'm still sore from the puking and from the bedridden state I was in for the early part of the week. I have ended my life-long stance of protecting spiders though. I used to vehemently defend them and tell people about all of their contributions to society. Now...I just squash them.


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