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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sammy Hagar

I remember reading an interview with Eddie Van Halen back in 1997 where he said Sammy Hagar "parted ways" with Van Halen due to his (Sammy) lack of a work ethic. Apparently...Sammy didn't want to record and tour the way that Van Halen was supposed to.

Ain't it funny that since 1996, Sammy has released six studio albums AND recorded an album with Chickenfoot. He tours constantly (including one brief "reunion" with Van Halen in 2004). He also has a couple of live albums/DVDs floating around out there and has done guest spots on lots of people's albums.

Van Halen has put out one full album (VH III with Gary Cherone) and recorded five new tracks for two separate "best of" albums. Two of those were with David Lee Roth and three were with Sammy.

My question is...who has the best work ethic?


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