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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Caffeine: Yes or No?

I find the article linked in the title very interesting. I have recently removed all soft drinks from my life in an effort to start a journey of healthier living. I know that will only be the first small step of many steps...but it is one that I have failed many times before. I know that I am a caffeine addict. The headaches I experienced after two days without the drug in my system pretty much proved it.

The article mentions a study that suggests that caffeine addicts build up a tolerance to it and that the positive affects (if any) eventually go away. The supposed alertness that comes with caffeine decreases and users must ingest it just to reach a level of normalcy. So...what that means is that your morning cup of coffee is not really helping are just getting your fix so that your body does not rebel.

Do you know what that means? All of you ritual coffee drinkers out there are a bunch of addicts. And I am too.


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