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Monday, July 11, 2005

Heavy Metal Memories: Hear 'N Aid

Yes boys and girls, you read that right, Hear 'N Aid. In 1986 the metal/hard rock community decided that it needed to counteract the commercial sap-fest that was USA For Africa. I believe that We Are The World had very good intentions behind it and I even enjoy hearing it from time to time but I will be honest and say that it really didn't do much for me. I enjoyed mimicking the various performers on the song and got especially silly when it came time to do Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, but the song wasn't the kind of jam you could rock out to. Enter: Ronnie James Dio.

Mr. Dio decided that the hard rock guys should get together and do the same thing. After all, the pop stars weren't the only ones sympathetic to the starving Africans but they were the only ones invited to the session. Hard rock had been left out in the cold. Let's face it, Quincy Jones really couldn't write Blackie Lawless (W.A.S.P.) or Kevin Dubrow (Quiet Riot) into We Are The World and this was a way to give the spandex and leather crowd a chance to show their bleeding hearts.

A literal motley crew assembled and various high-pitched shriekers and six-string shredders traded wankings under the direction of Mr. Dio and Jimmy Baines. The result was Stars. I wish I had the video because the sheer volume of spandex, leather, bandanas, and moussed hair would keep me entertained for days. Alas, all I have is the cassette. It has the one original song and a handful of live tracks from a diverse group of artists. Next year marks the 20th Anniversary and Mr. Dio says that a DVD is in the works. I can only hope so.

Here is the track listing of the cassette.

Side One:
Stars- Hear 'N Aid
Up To The Limit (LIVE) - Accept
On The Road (LIVE) - Motorhead
Distant Early Warning (LIVE) - Rush

Side Two:
Heaven's On Fire (LIVE) - KISS
Can You See Me - Jimi Hendrix
Hungry For Heaven (LIVE) - Dio
Go For The Throat (LIVE) - Y&T
The Zoo (LIVE) - The Scorpions

Yes, a true metal moment that will remain dear to my heart for as long as I live.


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A must-buy DVD

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