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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Musical Gripe Of The Moment

I really should let some things go. It's okay to get upset with things from time to time but there comes a point when you have to put it behind you...I haven't reached that point yet.

Musical Gripe of The Moment:Nelly and Tim McGraw

I'm a fan of neither and I didn't expect to like the song so that's not the topic of my gripe. I will go on the record and say that I freaking hate it, but that's not important. What pisses me off about it is that Tim McGraw has another hit song being played on country radio where he laments the good old days. The song, for those of you who don't know, is called I Miss Back When, and in it Tim whines and moans for all the middle-class American things that he misses from his youth.

The line that jumps out at me and just fills me with burning anger is when Tim seemingly condemns modern country music for going pop and putting non-country things in it. He whines (and his voice can truly be described as whiny) "street slang for dummies, they put it in my country," and I'm left scratching my head because this is the SAME guy on VH-1 with Nelly. This is the same guy who married one of the women responsible for sending country music straight onto the pop charts. How dare he.

I'm personally pissed about what he's done to MY country music. When are his fifteen minutes over? Probably never... because he now has the power of Nelly behind him. It's not that I'm against the cross pollination between genres and styles, but I am opposed to Nelly taking a Tim McGraw hook and building a song around it just so he can get a new group of people to buy his records. There's nothing original or challenging about it. It's just a typical Nelly song with Tim whining in the background. What a waste.

And they're not as bad as Cowboy Troy...but I'll save him for another day.


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