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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Dust In The Wind

I close my eyes, only for a moment and the moment's gone.

The older I get...the more I can relate to this song. I have been watching some of my college acquaintances on Facebook this week. Many of them have been talking about how glad they are that final exams and papers are over. Most of them have been talking about how excited they are for graduation...which takes place this weekend.

It has now been two years since I graduated. I am not working in the field that I went to school fact...I have spent over half of the past two years unemployed. Granted...I am much older than most of the people I went to school with. I was thirty-six when I went back. I do not have the years ahead of me that they do. By the time they reach my age...most of them will have over ten years of experience. Me? Well I have absolutely squat. I have not been able to get anyone to seriously consider hiring me. The one position I have held was not where I needed to be. I am. I am trying to be useful here. I am thankful for the job that I do have. God has blessed us so far.

I do not want to lie kind of ticks me off that I spent the last five years really trying to go where God wanted me to go and I have ended up right back where I started. Perhaps I should have sought better counsel.


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