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Friday, May 07, 2010

Man Beats Co-worker Over Body Scan Comments

Perhaps you have heard about this story. If you have is worth the time to click the link and read it.

The accused (Rolando Negrin) apparently confronted and beat a co-worker after months of taunting and ridicule. Negrin's co-workers repeatedly teased him for having a small penis after employees of Transportation Security Administration in Miami had to go through testing of the outfit's full body scan machines. Negrin confessed that "he could not take the jokes anymore and lost his mind." He beat the man with a police baton and forced him to drop on his knees and beg for his life.

I understand that Negrin has committed a crime...but do you think he might actually get off? It seems to me that his co-workers are guilty of sexual harassment and verbal abuse. If I were on the jury I would have to consider the actions of Mr. Negrin's co-workers. I think he should be responsible for his actions but I do believe he was provoked.

If anyone is actually out there reading this...feel free to share your thoughts.


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