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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Students Kicked Off Campus For Wearing American Flag Shirts

Okay...let me go ahead and say this...I usually stay out of these political hot button topics. I do not have the time nor the energy to engage in a negative conversation that will ultimately end up in a rhetorical nightmare. I watch my conservative and liberal friends enough to know that many (if not most) of these "friendly" debates end up in name-calling.

That being said...the linked story is probably the silliest thing I have ever heard. I am sitting here wondering what is being left out of this story. My rational (sometimes) mind cannot comprehend any situation in America where an American flag t-shirt could be deemed offensive. Were these students saying offensive things? Were they disrupting class? My mind tells me that there MUST be more to this story.

BUT...what if this story is exactly what is being reported? Have we really come to a point in American history where an American citizen cannot wear an American flag shirt without being "criminalized" for it? It seems to be that there are some Constitutional rights being trampled all over. Unlike most of the stories that get e-mailed to me...I will be watching this one.


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