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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Over There

I'm watching FX's Over There right now. It has reminded me why I'm a pacifist. It also makes me wonder why certain types of movies and TV shows are allowed to air unedited and others aren't. I know I've ranted on this before but I just don't see why saying G**d**n in a movie or show about war is okay but Jackie Gleason saying it in Smokey & The Bandit isn't.

I personally don't want to hear it at all, but it does make me wonder how networks justify editing it out of one show and not the other. The episode I just watched used THAT word ten or eleven times and also threw in at least six s**ts for good measure. Yet when a movie like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure comes on they edit out the word douchebag. Would it be acceptable if one of the characters in Over There muttered it? I wonder.

FX is showing Black Hawk Down tomorrow night, I wonder how much (if any) of it will be edited.


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