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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Today Was A Good Day

Weekend was great. We went over to our neighbors' house for lunch. He's one of my professors and his wife is a hard-working Mom and hometeacher. Lunch was great. Roast beef, potatoes, rolls, and veggies. I actually ate carrots. That is a minor miracle for me. After lunch we sat and talked about all sorts of things. They have a real heart for reaching the poor and underprivileged. They volunteer at a soup kitchen up the road and asked if we'd be interested in going with them sometime. He's also one of the Elders at the church we've been going to and is really pushing for more community involvement. He totally blew me away. We talked a lot about how the church should be more involved in meeting the physical AND spiritual needs of those who are overlooked and less fortunate. It was such a breath of fresh air to hear someone talking like that.

We finally made it to Sunday School this morning and got blown away by another one of my professors. We were studying Jeremiah and he taught straight out of the Hebrew. It was awesome. We were all using English and he was reading from the freaking Hebrew. Not an interlinear....straight Hebrew. It floored me. When he's in church he uses the Greek for NT passages as English. That rocks. I get to learn from these guys at school AND in church. Awesome.

I am so ready for school to start.


Blogger BAM said...

This is an anonymous blog I know, so I'll keep it that way but I have to say, carrots?!!! you actually ATE carrots, the little orange things that grow out of the ground?!!! I am shocked and amazed.

8:06 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

I ate carrots. Yes...carrots.


10:09 PM  

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